The basic purpose of Management and Experience Program of Turkey is to create a common platform;

To provide participations of qualified people who are grown hard and in limited conditions of our country but who are retired or take a back seat because of various reasons, with their knowledge, expertise and experiences efficiently in the determinant processes; to realize scientific studies, observations, analyses, previsions and valuations in the sense of dual, local and multilateral international relations, in the sense of political, social, economic, juridical, scientific and cultural problems; to represent realist, dynamic, creative and efficient solutions, project suggestions and decision options for decision makers; to actualize common projects for provision of sustainable development of ally and friend countries and Turkey; to provide transforming and sharing of knowledge, expertise and experiences.

The vision of Management and Experience Program of Turkey is creating a civil platform which build an institutional capacity with the aim of;


Enhancing strategic acquisitions in all areas by strengthening institutional and social construction of ally and friend countries and Turkey; transforming Turkey into a determinant actor instead of following developments all around the world behind and just watching; reaching determined targets for the year of 2023 which is the 100th anniversary of foundation of Turkish Republic.

The mission of Management and Experience Program of Turkey is creating a common meeting basement;

To enhance activities of national and international politics of Turkey, to create required synergy for representing permanent solutions to basic problems, to enable politicians, diplomats, managers of public and private sectors, civil society representatives, academicians, scientists, artists and professionals who are well-prepared and who have various origins to represent their own knowledge, expertise and experiences inside and outside of the country for the Country’s sake with the aim of activating potential of historical and cultural heritage and of keeping intergenerational responsibility conscience alive, to share the experiences, to develop communication channels, to support for the sustainable development targets and the development process both in our country and in ally and friend countries, to provide new expansions in the areas of politics, public management, economy, art & culture and academy, to develop solidarity in the base of idea, and to create a positive interaction culture. 

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