Management and Experience Program of Turkey gathers people who are coming from various areas of the society like politics, diplomacy, public and private sector, civil society, academy, science, culture, art and business world together.

İnstitutional structure of TYDP consists of; Smart People Council, Council Presidents and General Secretary.

1. Wise Persons Council

Wise Persons Council consists of politicians, diplomats, managers of public and private sectors, civil society representatives, academicians, scientists, artists and professional prayer volunteers who are members of TYDP.

Wise Persons Council determines politics and general principles of TYDP.

  21st century; brings a process in which political, social and economic developments are experienced in its wake. 

While fascinating developments which are experienced in this process, are raising current problems, efficient and permanent solutions relating to these problems require conscience, tenderness, participation and information sharing of people from all around the society.

Countries, societies, organizations, and individuals who have knowledge on their hands, who can use it strategically and who can share it, both rule over the present century and have power field and superiority by using advantages of being a leader.

With its strategic location, economic and political power, historic expertise and values of civilization, Turkey has a power which can seriously support stability and peace of the world, but still this potential can’t be used enough.

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