- To create a common basement for sharing knowledge, expertise and experiences with ally and friend countries, and to construct a capacity about developing new solutions for these common problems,

- To represent opportunity to people who have taken critical missions in various areas before and who have worked academic and scientific studies for sharing their own experiences, to open doors for a new dawn and new ideas,

- To make scientific studies which are required by the decision makers about basic problem areas of Turkey, and to prepare reports,

- To provide drawing a parallelism between knowledges sourced by scientific studies and political decisions,

- To develop human resource expertise and idea capacity of Turkey,

- To provide support of constituting required politics for using strategic perspective of Turkey more efficiently, for aiding global stability and peace,

- To develop a vision for construction of future of Turkey and the targets of 2023, to support activities which are held for actualizing this vision,

- To prepare a basement for spreading free thought, enhancing freedom area of individuals, developing democracy and collaboration culture,

- To develop common projects especially abroad with public institutions and nongovernmental organizations, and to give consultancy and guidance service to these institutions,

- To develop a common approaches, cooperation and dialogues about the life and dead subjects for Turkey,

- To set up a quick and wide network among the members by benefiting communication technology to the utmost,

- To lead social responsibility projects and to support volunteering conscience,

- To support construction of domestic and foreign country capacity by publishing strategic reports, bulletins and books as the result of studies which will be actualized in the political, social, cultural and economic areas,

- To hold brainstorming, workshop, conference and round-table meetings in sense of sharing knowledge, expertise and experiences of Turkey and in the sense of spreading them widely.





Political, social, economic and cultural developments which are experienced in local and global areas;...