Common Values of TYDP are;

- To interiorize mission and vision of TYDP,

- To remain open for dialogues and cooperation with members of TYDP and all areas,

- Not to abuse services of TYDP because of personal benefits and politics in the strict sense,

- Not to think profit purposes in the activities,

- To respect democratic comprehension and human rights which are described in international law and which are accepted by international public opinion,

- To look after global humanitarian values,

- To defend local and global peace,

- To respect value judgments of society and sense of decency which is accepted in general,

- To respect variations and to find them as a richness,

- To interiorize freedom of thought and expression, not to discriminate people,

- To interiorize being reasonable and equable as a comprehension and to stay away from radicalization,

- Not to support violence and to stand against all the ideas and protests which contain violence and discrimination,

- To interiorize democracy, idea sharing and transparency comprehension,

- Not to have prejudices about Eastern and Western civilizations.