The basic purpose of Management and Experience Program of Turkey is to create a common platform;

To provide participations of qualified people who are grown hard and in limited conditions of our country but who are retired or take a back seat because of various reasons, with their knowledge, expertise and experiences efficiently in the determinant processes; to realize scientific studies, observations, analyses, previsions and valuations in the sense of dual, local and multilateral international relations, in the sense of political, social, economic, juridical, scientific and cultural problems; to represent realist, dynamic, creative and efficient solutions, project suggestions and decision options for decision makers; to actualize common projects for provision of sustainable development of ally and friend countries and Turkey; to provide transforming and sharing of knowledge, expertise and experiences.


 In the direction of this purpose, determined targets are;

- To benefit from people who are locally, nationally and internationally qualified in parallel with the multidimensional foreign politics and development cooperation perspective which are followed by Turkey, have experience about economy, politics, culture, science, education, technology and art, and to create a common mind,

- To provide contribution to the studies maintained for the benefit of public by TASAM and related institutions/constructions in national and global scale,

- To support political, cultural and economic development of Turkey,

- To assist construction of institutional capacity of Turkey,

- To participate spryly in creating politics about future,

- To represent for profit of our country by gathering expertise of professional, experienced academicians and scientists with correct projects, and transferring them to new generations,

- To share experiences, to let people to create new ideas,


- To develop intergenerational collective responsibility conscience,

- To enhance activities and fertilities of public services,

- To develop area of dialogues and cooperation,

- To represent knowledges and suggestions from the resource for the decision makers,

- To activate civil initiative and to strengthen civil society,

- To prepare a common basement for benefiting from the knowledge, expertise and experiences in the most efficient way,

- To lead knowledge, expertise and experiences into the projects which can create synergy,

- To provide support for social arrangement and peace,

- To enhance freedom area of individuals and to develop democracy culture,

- To figure present and future problems out, and to develop suggestions in the sense of solutions of these problems.