Political, social, economic and cultural developments which are experienced in local and global areas; are needed to form a program which shows acquisitions especially on accomplishment of concrete projects in ally and friend countries about development cooperation that bring together all of leading politicians, diplomats, managers of public and private sectors, civil society representatives, academicians, scientists, artists, and that let them discuss new intentions, that let them share their experiences, that let them create prospective projections. By considering this idea, Management and Experience Program of Turkey (TYDP) which targets creating a platform for well-prepared qualified people to bring together and transfer their own knowledge, expertise and experiences, and then forming a bank with human resource from these people, is held by Turkish-Asian Center for Strategic Studies (TASAM) and related institutes.

TYDP; is a program which shares experiences, new ideas, new approaches and which develops proactive projects in the country or abroad. TYDP; will become a unique experience sharing, a meeting basement, an idea platform and a project center which bring people who are professional in their own branches, and come from various origins together and let them discuss common problems by dialogues and cooperation, and let them create permanent, constructive and realist solutions for these problems.

TYDP; provide serious supports in the sense of being constituted of a rich cultural environment as a result of gathering professionals and academicals under the same roof, in the sense of being constituted an information sharing ( communication network – networking ) between people and institutions, in the sense of developing dialogues and cooperation, in the sense of creating a strong synergy from the knowledge, expertise and the experiences, in the sense of construction of future, sustainable development and culture of democracy of Turkey. As a strategic support for a qualified human resource which is required in domestic and especially in foreign development projects of all related authority institutions, TYDP will take its seat in the system.