Management and Experience Program of Turkey gathers people who are coming from various areas of the society like politics, diplomacy, public and private sector, civil society, academy, science, culture, art and business world together.

İnstitutional structure of TYDP consists of; Smart People Council, Council Presidents and General Secretary.

1. Wise Persons Council

Wise Persons Council consists of politicians, diplomats, managers of public and private sectors, civil society representatives, academicians, scientists, artists and professional prayer volunteers who are members of TYDP.

Wise Persons Council determines politics and general principles of TYDP.


2. Board of Council Presidents

Board of Council Presidents consists of the Council presidents.

It holds its activities consequently with general secretary and it provides level raising, transferring and all authority of all TYDP activities.


3. General Secretary

General Secretary conducts executive issues of TYDP.