21st century; brings a process in which political, social and economic developments are experienced in its wake. 

While fascinating developments which are experienced in this process, are raising current problems, efficient and permanent solutions relating to these problems require conscience, tenderness, participation and information sharing of people from all around the society.

Countries, societies, organizations, and individuals who have knowledge on their hands, who can use it strategically and who can share it, both rule over the present century and have power field and superiority by using advantages of being a leader.

With its strategic location, economic and political power, historic expertise and values of civilization, Turkey has a power which can seriously support stability and peace of the world, but still this potential can’t be used enough.


Turkey can use its present potential, can take a peaceful role on current local and global discussions, and can support world peace, just in case that it can benefit more productively and more effectively from qualified work force ( human resource - human capital ) which it already has in its own.

Turkey who has reached a serious speed recently and become more popular day by day, has tried to step efficiently into principal global subjects by enhancing limited activity area with neighbor regions. Turkey has also thought that it has an opportunity of strengthening its relations with an extensive geographical region, in which it has historical and cultural links with its efforts in the direction of playing an efficient role there; and it has tried to perform new initiatives all around the world.

However this result has been experienced in its own originality; even if factors such as religion, language, history and geography etc. protect their importance in the point of mobilizing their own soft and hard power capacities by countries, that will be possible only with taking qualified share from international business sharing as countries who have an economy producing high-added value based on qualified human source in the point of functioning by themselves.

And the success of this process depends on the capability to construct multidimensional structuresproperly to the privileges of domestic and foreign policy that can create mutual dependence in all of the targeted countries and regions following to the strong national infrastructure at first.

In this context, for producing permanent solutions to basic problems, domestic and foreign targets (2023-2053) of Turkey with new ideas and approaches, people must come together with the aim of having, using and sharing very important knowledge strategically, they must analyze actual knowledge on worldwide developments by different points of view, provide new prospective expansions, and advance multidimensional solution suggestions.

However, qualified people who are grown by Turkey spending worthy efforts and using every means available of limited opportunities, takes a back seat with retirement or various reasons in their most efficient periods. Since there is not any institutional structure which can activate their knowledge, expertise and experience, it is not possible to benefit from them enough.

To activate this potential, it is necessary to benefit from knowledge, expertise and experiences of people who is unable to support the Country sufficiently and stays out of the public management, who is retired, who was in charge in public institutions, in non-governmental organizations, in universities, in local authorities, in international organizations or who is experienced in a specific area such as politics, diplomacy, bureaucracy, economy, culture & art etc. also. It is obliged to form a new institutional structure both for creating a common mind and a new dawn for the solutions about political, cultural and economic problems of Turkey, and for ally and friend countries which Turkey wishes to support with its experience of government and democracy.

A common platform that can provide creating projects and programs which have factual, concrete results and permanent, creative and efficient solutions can be formed  by the way of searching a common solution, communion of knowledge, expertise and experience of experienced people who gets together in such an institutional structure with their projects, studies, observations, analyses, previsions and evaluations and being encouraged of cooperation and solidarity, and being used of unutilized capacity aimed at decision makers.