Studies of Management and Experience Program of Turkey are conducted by the councils who are open for all of the members. Councils determine study areas and subjects by applying determined strategic purposes of TYDP.

Councils work in the ground of values of TYDP in their studies.


Council of Innovation and Humanitarian Development in Public Management

Council of Economy

Council of Foreign Politics

- To create a common basement for sharing knowledge, expertise and experiences with ally and friend countries, and to construct a capacity about developing new solutions for these common problems,

- To represent opportunity to people who have taken critical missions in various areas before and who have worked academic and scientific studies for sharing their own experiences, to open doors for a new dawn and new ideas,

- To make scientific studies which are required by the decision makers about basic problem areas of Turkey, and to prepare reports,

- To provide drawing a parallelism between knowledges sourced by scientific studies and political decisions,

- To develop human resource expertise and idea capacity of Turkey,

Common Values of TYDP are;

- To interiorize mission and vision of TYDP,

- To remain open for dialogues and cooperation with members of TYDP and all areas,

- Not to abuse services of TYDP because of personal benefits and politics in the strict sense,

- Not to think profit purposes in the activities,

- To respect democratic comprehension and human rights which are described in international law and which are accepted by international public opinion,

- To look after global humanitarian values,

Political, social, economic and cultural developments which are experienced in local and global areas; are needed to form a program which shows acquisitions especially on accomplishment of concrete projects in ally and friend countries about development cooperation that bring together all of leading politicians, diplomats, managers of public and private sectors, civil society representatives, academicians, scientists, artists, and that let them discuss new intentions, that let them share their experiences, that let them create prospective projections. By considering this idea, Management and Experience Program of Turkey (TYDP) which targets creating a platform for well-prepared qualified people to bring together and transfer their own knowledge, expertise and experiences, and then forming a bank with human resource from these people, is held by Turkish-Asian Center for Strategic Studies (TASAM) and related institutes.